For Educators

Teachers are on the frontlines of kids’ early inquiry online and off, so we’re excited to share tools to help navigate the media morass by opening up media literacy conversations in the classroom at increasingly younger ages.

From activities and take-home challenges that spring off the topics and storylines in each book to group games and independent projects that support media and digital literacy in the classroom, our goal is to ignite active questioning and critical thinking that spans the school day in a multi-disciplinary manner.

Each book dives into topics worthy of deeper reflection surrounding media messages of all kinds, from the use of technology in education and positive online communities to misinformation memes influencing kids and personal algorithmic recommendations which can narrow thought with filter bias.

The site will add updates to ever-changing policies and new teaching resources, and the blog will cover upcoming books in the series and aligned articles for exploring the persuasive power and vested interests of peers, platforms and play in the digital sphere.

Like the Digital Dogs, we find participatory learning takes place through fun adventures, so join us in helping K-5 students as they sleuth, ask questions, sniff around and dig deeper, to learn how to decode and deconstruct media messages building core questioning habits for life.

The Secret of the Vanishing Bones - Parent and Educator Guide